Devotional Chanting and Singing

An evening of sacred sound and silence with Giselle Vivian.
What does love sound like? Chanting & Devotional Singing has transcended denominations as a way to deepen our relationship to Divine Consciousness and Presence. Individuals and groups have kept this practice of sacred sounds and devotional creative expression alive over thousands of years. Why? It invites healing, inner peace, connection and renewed spirit. From traditional Sanskrit mantras to contemporary and original chants, join us as we take a break from the stress and treat ourselves to an evening of sacred sound and silence. It is this balance of sound and silence that brings valuable benefits to mind, body and spirit. No musical or meditation experience required. Just bring a smile and an open heart and dress comfortably. Chair seating is available, or, feel free to bring a yoga mat for seating if you wish. See you there!

Love Offering

September 13th, 2019 7:00 PM